Kata Projects

I maintain some open source projects that are meant to be useful to others, but they are also what I think of as Kata Projects. They are some of the projects I use to hone skills. When I come across patterns, methodologies, strategies I want to employ, if I can, I test them out in one or more of these projects.

  • Almost Functional java code that lets you use some functional programming tactics from Java 1.8, Guava, and other places in Java 1.6+.
  • JDK Contract Tests, JUnit contract tests for various JDK interfaces to help test the implicit contracts of those interfaces.
  • Fun-JDBC, some Java 8 specific JDBC code to incorporate default methods, streams, etc.
  • My Snippets Server is a web app incorporating various technologies which provides me with a simple place to keep my code snippets.

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