Information Graveyard

I’m trying to learn how to write a skill for Amazon’s Alexa, taking the tried and true approach of searching for tutorials on the internet.  At this point it’s been only frustration.  I’ve found both Amazon written tutorials and third party ones.  Not a single one yet has provided instructions that correspond to the current Amazon tools.  Some are relatively recent, or at least claim to have been recently updated, but not a one has actually provided a working example.  It’s not a matter of slight differences that can be worked around, each one has had at least one step that didn’t seem to correspond to anything in the AWS console as it is today.

Keeping posts up to date is work, I realize. I’m guilty too, of leaving out of date documentation out in the wild, but I make an effort to be responsible, and I’m not expecting revenue from my posts.  How is it that even Amazon’s own tutorials are completely borked?  I tried this about two months back and it was the same story. Since then both the tutorials and AWS tools have been updated, but the new combination is no more workable than the prior.

Some products are notably bad on this point.  Amazon’s SDKs and tools are a consistent pain point. The Spring ecosystem too is bad.  JBoss a mess.  The problem also is made worse by how the developers refactor code and API.  Making changes and improvements in a way that facilitated migrations is a skill.  I wish Amazon acquired that skill.


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