You Know You’re In Trouble When…

A question I was asked today reminded me of one from my past. When a key developer asks a question showing a lack of basic understanding of a tool you just know you are in for trouble. These two are my favorites…

A key C++ developer, who had single handedly authored a large data crunching system in production asked “So, what does the virtual keyword do?”  Yup, sure enough we had started seeing rampant resource leaks… Not a virtual destructor in sight and lots of inheritance and polymorphism….

Today, a developer responsible for a RESTful service doing database CRUD, with a boat load of big reads said: “Per my understanding, every interaction with a DB has to be within the scope of a transaction…” Ruh-roh, Raggy!  So, have they been putting everything, including all the presumably intensive read only queries of static data into transactions?  I’ll find out I guess.


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